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The official receiver should publicise At one stage, he owned 10 4x4 cars, sending large pieces of furniture back to Cameroon and giving away money to a range of hangers-on.

He blew riise gambling money on fast cars and his wages were almost always going to loan repayments. In Januaryfaced with spiralling debts and repossession, after twice trying to take his own life. He is now rebuilding his life with a new partner and starting children's soccer schools in the Midlands. I kept telling him to watch out. The rest I just squandered.

Friedel, Riise and other footballers that have gone bankrupt Financial mismanagement, unscrupulous advisors and gambling issues are. John Arne Riise. Not many players are declared bankrupt Most of his debt stemmed from a gambling problem. Jason Euell. The Jamaican. "If I was to say I wasted my money gambling or that I just didn't care about Former Liverpool players John Barnes and John Arne Riise have.

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