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Plasma steroid levels were calculated against the standard curve 8 standards in triplicate and the extraction recovery values using the Cayman Chemicals Analysis Tools EIA tools available at http:

Androgen correlates of socially induced changes in the electric organ discharge waveform of a mormyrid fish. Third, EOD circadian rhythm plasticity is sensitive to changes in the social environment. We used the extracted standard triplicates from the two plates for each hormone to calculate the intra-assay and inter-assay coefficients of variation. These morphological modifications of caudal filament may allow males to have greater electrocytes than females, to produce the sexually dimorphic signals [59]and gauderio online accrue more matings [9]. Nevertheless, gymnotiform Apteronotus leptorhynchus size-matched male pairs displayed significantly higher circulating levels of cortisol and more EOD chirps, an agonistic EOD frequency modulation, than isolated males Dunlap et al. The species is abundant and easily found from central, southern, and coastal regions of the Rio Grande do Sul state, and it is commonly syntopic with other Brachyhypopomus species, especially B.

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